The Sony Vaio PCG-C1VE page
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The vaio comes with Windows Millenium (TM) preinstalled, which obviously was not that what I wanted - it must be some sort of UN*X.

Slackware Linux: After some thoughts I decided to put Slackware Linux on it, by knowing, that the standard 7.1 distribution will not fit my needs (USB-support and firewire). Why Slackware Linux? In my opinion it's very easy to install, it's stable and secure and nevertheless fine in upgrading and maintaining (it has a very easy to use package system (tgz), and for packages which don't exist out of the box, it's easy to build your own). A good point for me as a *BSD fan is the BSD init style ( no rc.* runlevel scripting like the system V standard, although Slackware Linux aims to POSIX compliance) and as a Linux fan its use of a non patched kernel.


FreeBSD: On the other hand I wanted to try out my operating system of choice: FreeBSD. That's why I've written a new page for the experiences I collected with it on my Vaio.


For any comments, recommendations, etc. please feel free to mail to Michael Dosser (mic at ...

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